Saturday, January 12, 2008


I know it has been ages since I have posted, which means I must be feeling better. Actually I am feeling much better and I am thrilled to be done with chemo! I can't express the gratitude I have for the help and support so many of my friends and family have offered, it is truly overwhelming.

So much has happened lately. My sister Halle came in to town for thanksgiving. It was SO good see her and Lewis.

I finished 2007 with my last of my chemotherapy appointments. Somehow my last few chemo appointments were actually that possible? Click here to see pix.

Beth and Josh gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, which means I became an AUNT! After my last chemo I had the opportunity to return to NYC this time without visiting the hospital. It was wonderful to spend some quality time with Beth and Josh and my nephew Jacob! This child is going to be sick of the camera before he hits 6 months...but it is hard to avoid snapping pictures, he is absolutely delicious! The adorableness factor just seems to increase as time goes on. Check him out: The Daily Jacob

In other news, I had my first consulting appointment for radiation. I will be undergoing Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). The bottom line is that it's the good stuff. They will be radiating my chest wall, under my collarbone, and local lymphatic areas as there is no "tumor" remaining. These sites were chosen based on statistical recurrence. Also, the decision has been made not to radiate my hip. Radiation to the femur can impede both the short and long term development of bone marrow essential for sustained and perennial health. It appears I have responded positively to chemotherapy so my radiation oncologist feels strongly that we not prematurely limit the alternatives.

Aultman added there latest IMRT vessel just this March. It appears to be the 3rd or 4th generation of the technology. This version includes real-time multi-imaging and instantaneous motion correction among other things I can't comprehend.
IMRT - Aultman

On December 31st I returned to radiation ocologist for a mock up... they have to prep me and the machine for my daily appointments. Setting the machine up is a process, as the radiation I will be receiving is very specific. The process was extremely interesting, however as always, the pictures truly tell the story.

Not photographed are the "tattoos" they gave me in order to correctly align me each time. They gave me a "tattoo" about 3 inches above my scar, and on each of my sides...under my arms. Each tattoo is so small, it actually looks like a blackhead, but it will make it take less time to set me up in the machine everyday. I will have radiation treatments five days a week for six and a half weeks. I begin Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Ok, you are entering the last stretch so start getting your thank you presents ready now for the techs in the radiation department as you will become best friends with them over the next 6 1/2 weeks. My friend told me that when she finished radiation she sat in the parking lot and cried - I thought to myself - NOT ME - I will be so glad to be done - there aren't going to be any tears pouring from my eyes! Ha! When I finished radiation - I sat in my car and the tears just poured down my face, suddenly I understood the reason for the tears!!!! Keep up the good work and remember - you said it yourself - time goes by really fast!!!! BTW, your nephew is adorable!!

Diane J

Teri said...

Good Luck today!!!

Lindz said...

I don't know what is customary to say, but I guess I will just go with the standard Good Luck.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hi Max,
You have been in my thoughts, and I have finally been able to track this site down. I Saw Jon Steiger today and we talked about you. It is glad to read that you are doing well and you have finished your last chemo. I wish you luck with your radiation, and my thoughts are with you and your family. Keep in touch and keep enjoying (sarcastic jab) your treatments. Flash that smile and you will be well.


Amaranth said...

Interesting to know.