Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another Cancerversary

Six years ago today my life changed forever. 

Six years ago today I was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Since I refuse to let cancer defeat me, and I certainly cannot ignore it, 

since I deal with cancer as a chronic disease, that I must monitor seriously, 

since I have infusions every three weeks for the rest of my life, 

since I am fortunate enough to have doctors and nurses that care deeply about me and vice versa,

since I live an absolutely normal life outside of my cancer diagnosis, 

since six years ago today my life changed forever.

While most people don't celebrate the day that they were diagnosed with cancer,

Today is not a day I try to forget. 

Today is a day I choose to celebrate every year. 

Six years ago today I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Today is my 6th cancerversary and I feel better than ever. My disease is stable, and to me, my cancerversary is almost like another birthday. It's a rite of passage in my life and I am looking forward to achieving many more cancerversaries!

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